Essential Facial Set

Essential Facial Set

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This set includes: guava hibiscus or French green clay face mask, guava toner, lavender face mist, cherry seed elixir OR raspberry elixir.

Deep cleanse and detox your face with the Guava Hibiscus Face Mask/ French Green Clay Mask

  • using equal parts clay and water (spring/purified is best), mix clay using a wooden/plastic spoon until it reaches your desired consistency. *Metal will affect the properties of the clay* 
  • apply mixture to face
  • allow mask to dry 5-7 minutes
  • rinse face with warm water and gently pat dry

Follow up with the Guava Toner

  • apply toner to a cotton ball/pad
  • gently wipe face with pad
  • do not place near eyes

Spray on Lavender Mist to hydrate your face after the cleansing

Apply 2-3 drops of Cherry Seed Elixir/ Raspberry Elixir to moisturize.


We recommend doing a skin patch test by applying a small amount of product to the your arm.  

Disclaimer: Our products have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.